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Fact Sheet: Details surrounding the tragic death of the child martyr, Hamza al-Khateeb


The Reality of Events - SANA

The real story of  Zainab Al Husni

Syrian FM al-Moallem at the UNGA: Syria Determined to Go Ahead with Reforms

President Bashar Al Assad Interview with The Syrian National TV 08/21/2011

President al-Assad: Syria's option is to look forward into the future 06-20-2011

President al-Assad's Speech interpreted to English- C-SPAN

Shaaban: Government has No Problem with Peaceful Protests - Sky News

Pertinent Articles:

"A Third Way on Syria Is Still Possible," Nicholas Noe, The Huffington Post

"Syria: an uncanny revolution" , Nadezhda Kevorkova, RT

"The tide has turned in favor of the Assad government," Franklin Lamb www.thepeoplesvoice.org

Cleveland Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich on Syria: "some there are trying to capitalize on the legitimate demands for reform and use it push a violent agenda."

"As Syrian Uprising Escalates, Business Booms for Lebanon's Arms Dealers," Nicholas Blanford, TIME

"For Syrian Christians, protests are cause for fear," The Washington Post

"‘Doomsday scenario’ if Syria fails," Liz Sly, The Washington Post

"The false hope of revolution in Syria," May Akl, Foreign Policy

"The Arab awakening and Syrian exceptionalism," Alastair Cook, Foreign Policy

 Pertinent Videos:

Chossudovsky: NATO Recruiting Jihadists to Syria - RT 09/19/2011

Comments of some of the participants in "Syria is Fine" Campaign - Syrian TV 08/22/2011 part1

Comments of some of the participants in "Syria is Fine" Campaign - Syrian TV 08/22/2011  part2

Al Ramel district in Lattakia 08/15/2011 - Alikhbaria

Injuries among Military and Security personnel in Al Ramel district Lattakia - Alikhbaria 08/15/2011

Military Operations Al Ramel district- Lattakia - Alikhbaria 08/14/2011

Confessions of Terrorist Hassan Qatan - Hama - 08/09/2011

Diplomats and Journalist in Jisr al-Shogour and the American Diplomats refuse to comment 06/20/2011

Fawaz Gerges comments on President's speech on 06/20/2011

Pro-Government demonstration in Damascus 06/21/2011

Pro-Government demonstrations in Damascus & Aleppo  06/21/2011

Pro-Government demonstration in Homs 06/21/2011

Pro-Government demonstrations in Aleppo-Dara'a-Homs-AlHasaka 06/21/2011

Enormous Syrian flag raised in Mass Rally in Damascus Stressing National Unity - Syrian TV - 06/15/2011

Mass grave of Security forces in Jisr al-Shorhour - al Arabiya TV 06/12/2011

Mass grave of Syrian soldiers discovered in Jisr al-Shoghour (June 12, 2011) massacred on the hands of terrorists with most of the bodies decapitated; AND Confession by a member of the terrorist group responsible for this massacre

Rally in support of President Al Assad in front of the White House - Addounia  06/11/2011

The government remains steadfast in its commitment to reforms - Alikhbaria 06/08/2011

National unity Meeting - Homs - Syria 06/07/2011- Alikhbaria

Public reactions to the killing of members of the army in Jisr Al Shogour - Syria 06/09/2011 (part1)

Public reactions to the killing of members of the army in Jisr Al Shogour - Syria 06/09/2011 (part2)

The True Story of Hamza Ali al-Khateeb's Death- Syrian TV 05/31/2011 (part1)

The True Story of Hamza Ali al-Khateeb's Death- Syrian TV 05/31/2011 (part2)

National Dialogue initiative - 05/31/2011 - Alikhbaria

Media Watch exposes intentional misleading of audience by major news outlets on Syria

Personal accounts and confessions of armed militants:

Confessions of Terrorist Hassan Qatan - Hama - 08/09/2011

Violence continues to escalate in Syria - Addounia TV

Damascus "Rashad Kanj" - Syrian TV - English subtitle

Damascus "Mohammad Alqalam & Mohammad Alsekhneh" - Syrian TV - English subtitle

Dara'a "Mustapha Ayash" - Syrian TV - English subtitle

Dara'a 05/07/2011 - Syrian TV

Dara'a 05/10/2011 - Syrian TV

Dara'a-Lattakia 04/12/2011 - Syrian TV


Syria - Homs 05/24/2011 - Alikhbaria

Victims of the violence in Syria - Syrian TV - English subtitle

Syria - Dara'a & Homs 05/12/2011- Addounia TV

Syria - Homs (Al biada) 05/18/2011 - Alikhbaria

Syria - Homs (Tal Kalakh) 05/18/2011 -Alikhbaria





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Pro-government rallies:

Dearborn - Michigan:

Festival of solidarity and unity with Syria

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